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This program is designed for kids age 0 to 12 to encourage life-long reading habits. Visit the library each week to report your progress and pick up prizes. Log online to keep reporting even when you can't make it to the library. 

How it Works:

·  Register Online Here – Parents you can create an account first to easily monitor your children's activity.

·  Track Your Reading – Log in here and track your reading to earn points.

·  Keep Reading! – The more books and/or minutes you read, the more prizes you earn!


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Most Popular Books
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
ISBN: 9780195799163

ISBN: 9783125737709

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
by: Jk Rowling Books
ISBN: 9780195799163

Skyclans Destiny
by: Erin Hunter Warriors
ISBN: 9780061699948

Cliffords First Day Of School
by: Norman Bridwell Books
ISBN: 9780756908515

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